Start using DNA-V with kids and teens, and you’ll wonder how you ever did ACT for kids without it!!

Get started quickly with FREE DNA-v Tip sheets and build psychological flexibility in families. 

Joseph Ciarrochi and I have been working hard behind the scenes building a more developmentally appropriate model of psychological flexibility for kids.

We knew that we could not approach child ACT as we do with adults. There are just so many important pieces to development that we needed to add, like attachment, play, safety, etc. Our new model is called DNA-v, and it is a wholly developmental model of ACT for kids (well it isn’t just an ACT model, its really a contextual behavioural science model, but more on the geek side is coming soon).

Anyway, once you start using DNA-v, you’ll wonder how you ever did ACT for kids without it!


Part 1 – DNA-v basics tip sheets for parents, kids and professionals.
The tip sheets are written in parent speak, so you have a super easy resource that will guide your clinical work. You can use them with kids. You can also print them off and send home to parents so they know how to help their child. They’re perfect for the fridge. It’s all aimed at helping your families learn to build flexibility, one skill at a time.

DOWNLOAD HERE – DNA-v families tip sheets Hayes&Ciarrochi 2016


In June we will release Part 2 – Self and Social DNA-v tip sheets.
We think social is equally important. Ask people what is most important to them? Their answer will almost always involve other people. Other people are joy, and suffering, stress and comfort.  DNA-V does not make the mistake of assuming that young people’s struggles are merely internal. The part 2 tip sheets will help you work on the social world of a child, and learn how their self grows within this.

If you want to understand more about DNA-v, read the first chapter of our new book, The Thriving Adolescent. It’s has a description of the model and is available free from www.

Good luck,
Louise Hayes and Joseph Ciarrochi.

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