Discoverer helps us learn and grow

step to discoverer.001We have just finished a series of workshops in schools, including evening talks to parents, and this has left me with a sense that we need to do more to help professionals understand the discoverer in DNA-v.  

The Discoverer is a behavioural process, linked theoretically to evolutionary principles of variation and selection. It is not synonymous with committed action or values in adult ACT, nor is it behaviour that we want to always point toward values. It is only after young people have stepped into the discoverer space a lot, taken lots of risks, tried, failed, and tried again, that they might eventually arrive at an understanding of what they value. This takes time. 

Discoverer is a behavioural process that allows us to work with young people on risk taking, sensation seeking and love of novelty. The attached video shows how important it is for us to think about this as a developmental process that underpins growth. 

We hope, we can help them use their discoverer skills to enrich their life and our world. If we could honour adaptive risk taking in young people and help them grow into flexible humans, we could change the future. 

warmly, Louise Hayes & Joseph Ciarrochi

DNA-v Hayes&Ciarrochi Discoverer helps us learn and grow from Louise Hayes on Vimeo.

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