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Relationships are the essential ingredient to our health and wellbeing. In DNA-v we call this ingredient ‘social-view’. We try to build social-view skills to help kids, parents and carers strengthen their relationships.

Social-view can help bring together your knowledge of attachments, friendships, connection, value and love into easy discussions with families.

DNA-v social-view helps kids use their discoverer, noticer and advisor skills when connecting with others.

More technically, social-view is the context for developing our discoverer, noticer and advisor skills, and in turn, how we use these skills influences our social connections.  Think of it as similar to the way that our self view can be the context for how we see our self.

This latest tip sheet is for kids under 12 years. The age where social-view skills begin. Use it to help adults and kids manage the emotions, adventures, challenges, and difficult choices of daily living with other people.


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