DNA-v tip sheets: Helping kids build friendships skills

We all want and need friends. It is a deep longing within all humans. Young people who have strong social view skills are more likely to build supportive friendships, and behave in a kind and prosocial way towards others. 

In this tip sheet we show parents, carers and professionals how to use DNA-V, the youth model of acceptance, mindfulness and positive psychology, to help children strengthen friendships skills. With

DNA-V you can easily use basic discoverer, noticer and advisor skills (see the basic tip sheets) for building friendship skills and to help kids connect. Use this tip sheet to help your kids learn more about friendship behaviours, how to connect with others’ emotions and see different view points.

This tip sheet is for kids under 12 and  their parents/carers or teachers. It has information for adults and activities for adults and kids to practice. 

 Events to watch out for:

  • Workshops for kids parents in Australia with Louise Hayes:

Now just a few weeks away, June 2017. These are the only workshops for this year in Australia and New Zealand. Don’t miss out. Limited times each year. Click here to find out more.

  • Online training and consultation for DNA-v is coming:

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  • Workshops in UK and Europe with Louise Hayes:

UK & Ireland in 2017 – Click here for details

More downloadable resources:

  • Thriving for kids and adolescents resources – click here


3 thoughts on “DNA-v tip sheets: Helping kids build friendships skills

  • Unfortunately I haven’t been able to download your advice sheet on social skills. It goes around in circles
    Could you advise
    Patrick Concannnon

  • Hi Patrick, I expect it is an issue with your browser. Perhaps try a different browser. Louise

  • Dear Louise,

    I’m having the same problem when trying to download the advice sheet on helping kids build friendship skills.

    I wondered if you could email it, if I emailed you directly?

    Many thanks
    clinical Psychologist, UK

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