Lisa Butcher’s DNA-v song – Sharing DNA-v with the world

Lisa Butcher's DNA-v song

Lisa Butcher’s DNA-v song


One of my greatest pleasures these days is meeting amazingly talented people who are using DNA-v creatively. I often have to pinch myself to realise I am here amongst these people. Best of all these folk are willing to share their talents and resources with others.

Last week I was in Coffs Harbour, Australia and had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Butcher. Lisa is a talented musician and psychologist working with Headspace. She is dedicated to helping young people.

Lisa had a spare hour one day 😉 and thought she’d write a DNA-v song to share with her clients. Here is what Lisa said about it:

It is such a joy to share one of my main passions music, alongside my other passion and career, psychology. Thank you for inspiring me in my work with young people.

Lisa Butcher, Psychologist, Headspace Coffs Harbour.

Oh, and the generosity in Coffs Harbour didn’t end there. The whole workshop was organised to raise funds for kids in remote Nepal with Mindful Adventures; an offer made by Jenny Grant. Thanks to her work we have enough for 2 computers and some money left over. Just imagine the curiosity the kids will have when their school gets computers for the first time ever!


Whether big or small, every action we take to help young people matters,

Louise Hayes