Video ideas

Scroll through to see the three sections of video content:

  1. Free video from our ongoing work with young people
  2. Video clips we have collected from lots of different folks across the world
  3. Video used in workshops for professionals

A lot more will follow during 2016.

warmly, Louise and Joseph



Free video from our ongoing work with young people:

DNA-V video

This little animation shows the DNA-V model for young people

DNA-V model (The Thriving Adolescent. L. Hayes & J. Ciarrochi, 2015) from Louise Hayes on Vimeo.

BOLD video

This little video shows how we use BOLD. The four steps to action that you can read about in our books.

BOLD video from Louise Hayes on Vimeo.


Give your advisor the microphone

This little video shows what goes on in secret inside our minds. Take note of how many you have had. The message is we are all the same:

ADVISOR video from Louise Hayes on Vimeo.


Youtube clips that can help us understand ourselves:


The Race (redefining success):

Heather Dorin shows how success is about effort. Your advisor may be your best friend, but we cannot always use it for prediction effectively, sometimes we just learn to keep moving.


I’m enough:

Self-view is about taking multiple perspectives on who we are and what we do. Sometimes others can see things in us that we can’t see. Remember, you are ‘enough’.

The fly:

An animation showing how easily our advisor can take the reigns and try to control everything, even a fly.


Words do Hurt:

This vid by a year 8 students shows the power of our Advisor. If we get stuck, we first learn to step outside of our criticisms and move.


Tim Minchin’s Perfect:

Demonstrates how we can get stuck inside our Advisor:


We’re all scared:

Demonstrates how self is a behaviour that we do, and that we are constantly changing.