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Strength spotting cards sorts – with images – click here

Kingsley’s Mudds’ DNA-v magic carpet – click here

Stepping into the discoverer space click here  

Values & Conversation cards in multiple languages

  • Australia – The values cards in English can be purchased in our online store, all proceeds go to charityclick here.
  • Europe english speaking – The cards are being sold through Contextual Consulting,all proceeds go to charity – click here
  • USA and other English speaking countries – Postage makes it too expensive to ship our cards, you can download and print them for free here:
  • Translations other than english you can download and print for free – click here



  • You can download a free group protocol – click here.
  • This program was written in 2006, it has been evaluated a number of times (see here for the outcome study). It is still a great little program and art is a lovely medium for working with young people; however, I recommend if you plan to use this protocol that you supplement it with newer work from our newer books.

From Louise’s ongoing work:

From Joseph’s ongoing work:


Video from our workshops training professionals:

Tronick’s Still Face experiment:

Demonstrates an infant’s stress response

Words do Hurt:

This vid by a year 8 students shows the power of our Advisor. If we get stuck, we first learn to step outside of our criticisms and move.


Tim Minchin’s Perfect:

Demonstrates how we can get stuck inside our Advisor:

Yep Nup Dunno:

An Australian Parody on the questioning we can do to young people, rather than engage appreciatively with them

Other websites worth checking out:

  • Kirrilie Smout of Developing Minds in South Australia writes some wonderful blogs and tip sheets for consumers. Check her work out here
  • Tim and Sandra Bowden of ACT on Purpose in Sydney are a creative couple writing books and resources for young people. Click here to see their resources
  • Mindfulness ideas on Pinterest. This site is full of creative ways to build exercises (we can guarantee them, but it will give you lots of ideas for working with kids). Check out the mindfulness creativity here