Using DNA-v to support Young People with Climate Change

Hi Everyone, We really enjoyed sharing together in this webinar on climate change and helping young people by using DNA-v (and not so young). “I am heading to aid in the NSW bushfire recovery and this has been extremely useful”. Anonymous participant. “What a generous and hopeful reflection on helping young people!” Anonymous participant. DNA-V, the youth model[…]

Nice teens win — in the long run

By Dr. Joseph Ciarrochi This article can be freely downloaded by clicking here. What sorts of social strategies help teens to win friends? Does being aggressive and breaking rules–being antisocial—sometimes make teens well-liked by their peers? We addressed this question in a large, longitudinal study of friendship development in high school (Grade 8 to 12).[…]

DNA-V online self-paced course is live at last!

Hi everyone, We are excited to invite you all to our new DNA-V online course. After years of pouring our heart and soul into a youth model of acceptance, mindfulness and positive psychology we are thrilled to be able to spread it to the people who work with teens no matter where they are or what their profession—clinicians, counselors, social workers,[…]

Discoverer helps us learn and grow

We have just finished a series of workshops in schools, including evening talks to parents, and this has left me with a sense that we need to do more to help professionals understand the discoverer in DNA-v.   The Discoverer is a behavioural process, linked theoretically to evolutionary principles of variation and selection. It is not synonymous with[…]