Download the latest resource – Helping families build their social-view

  Click here to download the tip sheet – DNA-v tip sheet – Social view at home Relationships are the essential ingredient to our health and wellbeing. In DNA-v we call this ingredient ‘social-view’. We try to build social-view skills to help kids, parents and carers strengthen their relationships. Social-view can help bring together your knowledge of attachments, friendships, connection, value[…]

Start using DNA-V with kids and teens, and you’ll wonder how you ever did ACT for kids without it!!

Get started quickly with FREE DNA-v Tip sheets and build psychological flexibility in families.  Joseph Ciarrochi and I have been working hard behind the scenes building a more developmentally appropriate model of psychological flexibility for kids. We knew that we could not approach child ACT as we do with adults. There are just so many important[…]